Ana Lira

Artista (Retratografia)

Ana Lira is a visual artist, photographer, curator, radio host, writer and editor based in Recife (PE - Brazil). She specializes in cultural theory and criticism. She observes (in)visibility as a form of power and devotes attention to dynamics involving everyday sensitivities. Her practice is based on collective processes and partnerships, having worked with them for more than two decades. In these initiatives, she dedicatee to strengthening collaborative creative practices that observe the lines of power relations that affect our communication process, the articulations of daily life and the way we produce knowledge in the world. She exhibited works in different locations, such as the Mercosul Biennial and the 31st São Paulo International Art Biennial. She participated in the residency program of the Delfina Foundation / Instituto Incluzartis, in Rio de Janeiro (2020) and London (2019). She published in Omenelick magazines 2o Acto, Outros Críticos and Continente; in the newspaper Nossa Voz (Casa do Povo, São Paulo) and reflections for the catalogs of the exhibitions À Nordeste (2019), Como (falar de) coisas que não existem: um livro a partir da 31a Bienal de São Paulo (Serralves, 2016). She also developed the account of the collective Políticas Públicas process, published in the Contemporary Journal (Nottingham Contemporary, 2020), as a contribution by the Amò articulation on the project of the same name. Among artist publications, she was editor of Cordão, by Eduardo Queiroga; Buenos Aires, Brazil, by Josivan Rodrigues; and co-editor and supervisor of Para Levantar As Forças, by Cecília Urioste.

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