Lorena Sancho Querol


Lorena Sancho Querol is a researcher in Social Museology at the Centre for Social Studies – University of Coimbra (CES-UC), Portugal. Her most recent project “SoMus: A Sociedade no Museu”, was developed in the field of participatory museum management. Lorena has been a member of the coordinating team of the P-2020 “Creative Tourism Destination Development in Small Cities and Rural Areas” (CREATOUR project) since 2016 and of the coordinating WP4 team of the H-2020 “European Colonial Heritage Modalities in Entangled Cities” (ECHOES) since 2018. In her projects, museology is a tool for cultural development and inclusion, which connects causes, concepts and societal challenges to build new forms of cultural democracy through participatory and socially responsible action-research.

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