Thais Alvarenga


Thais Alvarenga is a documentary photographer. Born and raised in the Vila Kennedy Favela in the city of Rio de Janeiro, she is one of the founders of Coletivo Crua - Coletivo Criativo de Rua, a member of Coletiva Negras [foto] Grafias and one of the creators of Encontro das Manas in Vila Kennedy. Her authorial work is aimed at the imagetic record of everyday relationships in the periphery, with a greater cut in the western region of the city of Rio de Janeiro, which is where she has lived since she was born. At Coletivo Crua, she develops documentation on resistant quilombos that are located on the Green Coast of the State of Rio de Janeiro, at Coletiva Negras [foto] Grafias she is a photographer who builds original documentation together with other members and is responsible of social media. At Projeto Encontro das Manas Thais works in the pedagogical area, teaching photographic practice to young peripheral women, who are her neighbors in Vila Kennedy. When studying at the School of Popular Photographers - Images of the People and in Social Communication, her works were exhibited at the Museum of Modern Art in Rio de Janeiro - MAM, at the Parque Rocinha Library, at Galeria 535 of the Observatório de Favelas, in Galpão Bela Maré and numerous installations on photographic lines through the city streets, between 2013 and 2017. Thais believes that her roots matter and need to be in the images that she eternalizes through her eyes, in the name of love and struggle. With the images she captures, she seeks a rescue of the history of her ancestors, her family, her neighbors, her history and her place, where she sees and feels pain, but she also perceives and feels beauty through love.

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