Paulo Peixoto


Paulo Peixoto is a Tenured Associate Professor with Aggregation in Sociology at the University of Coimbra, Faculty of Economics and a researcher at the Centre For Social Studies at the same University. Paulo is member of: International Institute for Research and Action on Academic Fraud and Plagiarism; Research Group on "Art, Culture and Power" (CNPq/UERJ); Research Group on "Geography, Tourism and Cultural heritage" (CNPq/UNICAMP); "Urban and Cultural Studies Laboratory" (CNPq/UFS); and "City, Culture and Difference" (CNPq/Univille). He's also a member and coordinator of Observatory for Education Policies and Professional Development. Paulo is currently the student's obunds at the University of Coimbra.

He holds a PhD in Sociology by the University of Coimbra, and an M. A. and first degree also in Sociology by the same University. He currently develops research projects on heritage and tourism and on higher education and extension activities, coordinating the evaluation of social intervention projects and public policies.

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